Ask Me Anything – Business Edition Part 2

In this week’s blog, I conclude the “Ask Me Anything” series. I hope you have found it helpful.

  1. What is the mission and vision for Okina?

To inform, guide, and educate.


To be the best at helping our clients to run effective board meetings, discharge their duties and implement sound corporate governance practices, and empower them through education.

  1. Why do clients need your services and which industries benefit the most from it?

Topics like ethics, risk, audits, compliance, information technology, and stakeholders in corporate governance, applies to business in all industries. In the past, business owners argued that corporate governance was only intended for publicly listed companies because public funds were invested, and it came with a level of accountability, transparency, and reporting. That is no longer the case. The consistent increase in corporate failures, state capture, corruption, bribery and the like across all entities highlights the need for self-regulated corporate governance. The King IV Report on Corporate Governance™ has incorporated sector supplements that apply to additional entities such as state-owned enterprises, non-profit organisations, municipalities and so forth.

So why do clients need Okina?


We offer affordable professional services. At Okina, we know that the pandemic has affected most businesses and that we are all together in this. To support business and to build relationships, we offer a discount to new customers.


With close to 20 years of experience, our clients can trust the quality of service they receive. At Okina, we take care of our clients’ needs and we collaborate with our clients to provide the best solution for their businesses.

Sustainability and convenience

Okina offers all its services online, which is convenient and reduces the carbon footprint and the impact on the environment and the planet.


At Okina there are no hidden costs. What we provide in the proposal is what we deliver and what the client pays for.


  1. How successful can a business be without implementing any form of corporate governance?

Most businesses implement some form of corporate governance when they start, but they lack the awareness needed for good governance. Companies that have poor governance structures may fall victim to fraud, financial difficulties, and lack of procedural evidence. This can make it challenging when trying to salvage the situation. Okina can help with the documentation of the processes to build a corporate governance framework and procedural evidence that can stand them in good stead. Having this in place increases accountability, transparency, efficiency and good financial performance.

  1. What is necessary for becoming a successful leader?

Some people are born to be great leaders. Others believe that leaders are made. However, there is no manual or guide that will give you all the tips to become a great leader. What is certain is that leadership requires essential character traits. Check out the blog for the full list here.

  1. What are some of the biggest challenges you come across in companies that you assess?

Common challenges include a lack of director diversity, conflicts of interest issues, inadequate board composition, poor transparency, limited IT, poor sustainability, risk oversight, and no succession planning.

  1. What should be the key strategic priorities for the board of directors?

The board of directors should provide strategic oversight in the organisation. In doing so, directors should constructively challenge management’s strategies or their underlying assumptions, particularly where there are links between strategy and risks.

  1. How would you foster greater innovation?

As an entrepreneur, one must be innovative and cultivate the ability to pivot at any time or come up with new ideas. One of the great lessons the pandemic has taught us is that without innovation, we will not survive. The way I foster innovation in my organisation is by consistently thinking outside the box, treating my clients’ businesses like my own, having a flat structure, and being easy to access at the touch of a button.


I hope that the “Ask Me Anything” blog series has shed some light on my business and myself. Should you wish to make use of our services, please do not hesitate to contact us on

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