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Draft your own Business Continuity Plan

As our Business Continuity series ends, we look at everything we covered during the past few months. We started with an introduction to business continuity, discussing the most vital aspects – business continuity planning (BCP) and management. Then, we looked at several forms of unplanned events and emergencies that could affect the continuity of a […]

How to conduct a business impact analysis

Business continuity planning (BCP) has been our topic of discussion for the past few weeks. First, we explored the vital role it plays in an organisation, and then delved deeper into the subject. Finally, we discussed the vast number of benefits of having effective plans and processes in place in emergency or unplanned events like […]

The importance of Business Continuity Planning Part 2

We are exploring the topic of business continuity, and our previous blog revolved around business continuity planning (BCP) and its fundamental role in ensuring the overall continuity of your business during unplanned events.   As a reminder, BCP is a set of processes and procedures being put into action to respond to a threat, risk, […]

The importance of Business Continuity Planning Part 1

In our previous blog, we introduced you to the concept of business continuity and lightly touched on the fundamentals surrounding it, nurturing a better understanding. If you are not familiar with the idea or lack the knowledge necessary to successfully implement it in your business, now is the time to learn. There is no way […]

An introduction to business continuity

Business continuity pertains to the processes, procedures, decisions, and activities that ensure that an organisation can operate and maintain its critical and essential business functions during emergency events/disasters or unplanned events. These events can range from minor to catastrophic, including natural disasters, pandemics (like Covid-19), cyberattacks, and other external threats. Provision should be made to […]

Ask Me Anything – Business Edition Part 2

In this week’s blog, I conclude the “Ask Me Anything” series. I hope you have found it helpful. What is the mission and vision for Okina? Mission To inform, guide, and educate. Vision To be the best at helping our clients to run effective board meetings, discharge their duties and implement sound corporate governance practices, […]

Ask Me Anything – Business Edition Part 1

1. Why did you start a business in the co-sec field? Corporate governance is the field where I am most qualified and experienced, and I wanted to share the experience with businesses that might benefit from guidance on ethical leadership and corporate governance. It has also been a dream of mine to own a business […]

Ask Me Anything – Personal Edition

How would you describe yourself and your work ethic? I am a hard worker, I am loyal, I am a woman of my word and I have integrity, I am reliable, disciplined, and professional. In my work, I always go the extra mile. I can be “black‑and‑white” and rigid in my approach, yet flexible enough […]

The convenience of board portal software

For the past several months, we have been taking our readers on a journey through corporate governance and everything it entails. We have covered everything about rules, responsibilities, regulations, and standards relating to organisations, their boards of directors, staff members, stakeholders, and more. We discovered that corporate governance implementation reduces the risk of unethical behaviour, […]

Understanding a compliance framework

In our previous blog, we discussed the importance of governing compliance within an organisation and the many factors involved when it comes to gaining a better understanding thereof.   Compliance (in a corporate or organisational environment) refers to following and complying with all relevant laws, policies, regulations, rules, and external and internal controls that an […]