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The board software allows you to compile, create, and publish board packs securely, quickly, and easily. Currently, company secretaries, administrators, and boards around the world use this software and the board documents can be accessed from anywhere at any time. Directors can view, sign resolutions, do declarations, nominations and annotate their documents in electronic format on any device through a dedicated app for iPad and Android or via a web browser using a Windows device.

Key benefits

  • It enhances collaboration and the rapid compilation of papers by administrators, cutting days of work into hours
  • It saves considerable time in creating and distributing board packs and other corporate governance information, compared to traditional methods
  • It gives the flexibility of having both electronic and print-friendly packs generated at the click of a button, available online or on the dedicated app
  • It improves governance, keeps the board informed in real time with access to board communications, archived papers, and any other key reference information

Essential Features

  • Secure workrooms for boards and committees
  • Workroom-level permissions
  • Online board packs
  • Dynamic agenda management
  • Full annotation capabilities
  • Clickable, searchable & printable board packs
  • Event calendar & meeting scheduler
  • RSVPs & attendance tracking
  • Calendar integration
  • Electronic signatures
  • Polling & surveys
  • Discussion forums
  • Calendar integrations (Google, iCal, Outlook, etc.)
  • Task management and approvals
  • Newsfeed
  • Unlimited storage
  • Mobile apps with offline access
  • User directories
  • Dynamic reporting


  • 24/7/365 Support
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Help desk ticketing system
  • Build in Knowledge Base with over 2,500 documents and videos

Key features of the app

  • Secure authentication and five-digit PIN lock can be added if required
  • Document annotation including text notes, strikeout, highlight and freehand and sticky notes
  • Director-specific access with one point of entry for all directorships with organisations
  • Dedicated folder for past and archived meetings for each board/committee and a dedicated resource library for each board/committee.

Downloading the app

The app is available for download in the App Store and Google Play Store straight to your tablet. It will increase security, portability, and convenience and will enhance your board pack experience. You can easily view and annotate your current board packs, archived board packs and other shared documents in a view mirroring your portal’s structure. You can also view all documents offline and you have access to hundreds of documents in the resource library at the touch of a button. You can make notes by using the annotation tools in this feature-rich app. Directors can also view the full contact directory including members headshots, biographies, and contact details.

Request a demo

Feel free to contact us to request a 30 or 60 minute demonstration; we can have a short discovery call and then show you the portal online.

We help with setting up boards and committees, creating agendas and checklists, compiling board packs, inducting new directors, and conducting board evaluations. All our services are custom-made to fit our clients’ needs.

In terms of the King IV Report on Corporate Governance, the governing body should have the appropriate balance of knowledge, skills, experience, diversity and independence for it to discharge its role and responsibilities in an objective and effective way. Furthermore, the governing body should ensure that its arrangements for delegation within its own structures promote independent judgement and help the balance of power and the effective discharge of its duties.

To achieve this, we assess the requirements and consider the existing company documentation prior to making suitable recommendations to the board.

In terms of the King IV Report on Corporate Governance, the governing body is required to ensure that proper meeting plans are in place to comply with all duties in the charters and terms of reference.

How do we do this?

By assessing the number of board and committee meetings needed, related to the company’s size. We then determine the purpose that drives the agenda items for each meeting. We use the charters and/or terms of reference as a starting point to pinpoint the duties required to compile complete checklists for the board.

The King IV Report on Corporate Governance recommends an evaluation process to be conducted at two-year intervals according to a formal process, facilitated externally or following methodology approved by the governing body. Every alternate year, the governing body should schedule a meeting to consider, reflect on, and discuss its performance.

How do we do this?

By developing a board evaluation process and a board evaluation questionnaire, or by managing the board evaluation as an external party. We review the charters and/or terms of reference as a starting point. We then draft a board evaluation questionnaire for discussion with the chairperson. Thereafter we recommend a board evaluation process with timelines for consideration. Once approved, we facilitate the evaluation process.

The King IV Report on Corporate Governance recommends that members of the governing body should individually and collectively cultivate the characteristics of integrity, competence, responsibility, accountability, fairness and transparency, and exhibit these in their conduct.

How do we do this?

By preparing a director development programme and pack. We consult with the chairperson to develop a director development programme for board approval. Once approved, we help with the implementation of the programme. As part thereof we compile a director induction pack that covers the appropriate corporate governance principles, Companies Act requirements and other relevant legislative requirements. Through one-on-one engagement sessions we crystallise the content of the director induction pack to add value and ensure that directors are fully aware of their duties and responsibilities.

We supply the training sessions and workshops. Our training sessions are informative and provide a quality and lasting learning experience for all. We supply training services to the board, executives, and employees.

Through our training we aim to educate and stimulate thinking. The content takes the relevant legislation and best practice into account to provide our clients with the most relevant content that will add value. Our training programmes can be customised to our client’s needs. We provide the following training services: Fiduciary Duties for Directors, An Introduction to Risk Management, and An Introduction to Workplace Ethics.

Why choose us

  • Tailored solutions for your business
  • B-BBEE Level 1 Contributor
  • Workflow Optimization
  • Effective board administration
  • Practical training
  • Sound legislative knowledge
  • Secure board portal software

Benefits of our work

Building strong leadership

Building a trustworthy reputation

Streamlining business processes

Problem-solving existing challenges and suggesting new solutions.

Cost savings

Promoting sound corporate governance practices

Improving governance and security using Board Portal Software

Increasing transparency and accountability

Helping you manage time

Setting realistic goals that you can work towards

Helping you stay on track

Promoting education and training

Improving opportunities for the business