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For the past several months, we have been taking our readers on a journey through corporate governance and everything it entails. We have covered everything about rules, responsibilities, regulations, and standards relating to organisations, their boards of directors, staff members, stakeholders, and more. We discovered that corporate governance implementation reduces the risk of unethical behaviour, fraud, and corruption, increasing accountability, fairness, transparency, and responsibility.


However, practicing good corporate governance is not an effortless feat. As business and technology evolve, we move into an era where boards of directors’ responsibilities have become more challenging than ever before. The pressure to perform, high client expectations, scarcer resources, and less staff all contribute towards the difficulty to handle and implement corporate governance effectively.


Fortunately, various advances in technology have provided the necessary means and methods to make the tasks of boards of directors much more manageable, allowing them to work at a higher level: fast, effective, and efficient.


Board portal software


Board portal software manages to enhance the board’s ability to meet the challenges of modern governance by providing it with the right tools, analytics, and insights to boost overall performance. The appropriate technological infrastructure in the boardroom provides boards with the necessary framework to meet and overcome governance challenges in a changing business environment. It provides them with the insights needed to act on opportunities and control risks.


Okina has teamed up with an international technology company and through this collaboration, offers board portal software with which you can compile, create, and publish board packs securely, quickly, and efficiently. Company secretaries, administrators, and boards worldwide use this software and the board documents can be accessed from anywhere at any time. Directors can sign resolutions, do declarations and nominations, and annotate their electronic format documents on any device through a dedicated app for iPad and Android or via a web browser using a Windows device.


The key benefits of the board portal software include the following:


  • It enhances collaboration and the rapid compilation of papers by administrators, reducing days of work into hours
  • It saves considerable time in creating and distributing board packs and other corporate governance information compared to traditional methods
  • It is flexible, being able to generate both electronic and print-friendly packs at the click of a button, available online or on the dedicated app
  • It improves governance, keeps the board informed in real-time with access to board communications, archived papers, and any other critical reference information


The board portal software includes a comprehensive set of features such as:


Adaptability and availability

The board portal product is available across various platforms, including a mobile app with offline access. Key features of the app include:


  • secure authentication and five-digit PIN lock;
  • document annotation including text notes, strikeout, highlight, and freehand and sticky notes;
  • director-specific access with one point of entry for all directorships with organisations; and
  • dedicated folder for past and archived meetings for each board/committee and a dedicated resource library for each board/committee.



Support is provided 24/7/365 via multiple methods of contact, including phone, email, and a help desk ticketing system – also providing built-in access to a knowledge base with over 2 500 documents and videos.



The team ensures that security conforms to world-class standards, including secure workrooms for boards and committees with workroom-level permissions and the implementation of secure authentication on the app.



We provide a product with the necessary tools to increase performance and enhance the efficiency of your board, including:


  • online board packs;
  • dynamic agenda management;
  • full annotation capabilities;
  • clickable, searchable, and printable board packs;
  • event calendar and meeting scheduler;
  • RSVPs and attendance tracking;
  • calendar integration;
  • electronic signatures;
  • unlimited storage;
  • dynamic reporting;
  • user directories; and
  • polling and surveys.


By teaming up with the best, Okina offers board portal software that can provide you with all the necessary tools and features to support good governance practices. It is all contained in one convenient and easy-to-use board portal platform. To request a free demo, please feel free to contact us at

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